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Cast iron, cast iron rods,
cast iron profiles, metal machining, bronze, copper, brass

UCB Technometal – wholesale and retail
with cast iron and non-ferrous metals

UCB Technometal, s.r.o. was established in 1996. In 2006 it became part of the international United Cast Bar (UCB) Group. The UCB Group is the largest producer of Cast iron section and profiles in Europe.

UCB Technometal, represents the UCB Group foundries in the UK and Spain.

We offer an extensive range of continuously cast iron and non-ferrous profiles for both wholesale and retail customers.

Our services also include the processing of the materials offer, we have two extensive production divisions:

  • CNC Machining Division (in-house modern production of precision engineering parts);
  • Materials cutting and roughing division.

See our services for more information.

UCB Technometal

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From private individuals to freelancers to large industrial and manufacturing companies.
We also offer individual pieces, most of the range from our shop is in stock.
Due to our location near Prague, we are able to serve all customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with our products in a very short time.
Thanks to our own extensive inventory we are able to promptly deal with any breakdowns and express requests (within 24 hours).

Cast iron and cast iron profiles

wholesale and retail

Unibar continuously cast iron profiles offer many advantages over other materials (e.g. vibration damping and thermal conductivity). This can be attributed to two phases in their structure: a steel-like iron phase and a graphite phase with graphite in flake form (grey cast iron) or in spherical form (nodular cast iron). We also offer special Ni-resist cast iron.

We supply the following cast iron grades: EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250, EN-GJL-300, EN-GJS-400-15, EN-GJS-500-7, EN-GJS-600-3, EN-GJS-700-2, EN-GJLA-XNiCuCr15-6-2 and others.

The most popular cast iron profiles are cast iron bushings and cast iron round bars.

Our company is also a major supplier of non-ferrous metals. We supply alloys and profiles in bronze, brass and copper. We focus on both wholesale and retail customers.

Sale of non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals, copper, brass, bronze

In our shop we offer the following sales of non-ferrous metals:

  • copper – excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, we offer various copper profiles
  • brass – copper-zinc alloy, use in many industries
  • bronze – tin, aluminium and lead bronze, various profiles

Sale of non-ferrous metals in quality: CuSn7Zn4Pb7, CuSn12, CuSn8, CuSn10, CuSn6, CuZn39Pb3, CuZn40Pb2, CuZn37, CuAl10Ni5Fe5, CuAl10Ni5Fe4, CuCr1Zr, Cu-ETP and others.

The most popular non-ferrous metal profiles are bronze bars and bronze bushings.

Prodej barevných kovů, Sale of non-ferrous metals

barevných kovů

Základní přehled tvarů, jakostí a rozměrů barevných kovů, které nabízejí distributoři UCB v celé Evropě.



Let US MAKE a non-binding offer for metalworking according to your needs and PRESENTATIONS.

We are focused on chip metal machining using traditional technologies, i.e., CNC turning and CNC milling.

Our standard offer of metal machining – semi-finished products and castings of all cast metals and non-ferrous metals (bronze, brass and copper) is now extended to steel and aluminium machining. The workpiece size is max. 600 kg handling weight.

Maximum dimensions of machined surfaces up to 400x500x900 mm for flat machining and D 550 mm for rotary machining.